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February 22, 2021


Cau del Llop - Llançà

With the arrival of the holiday season, all sorts of questions arise. The first one we ask ourselves is which city or country we want to visit. But that’s only the first of many. Because, once we’ve decided on our destination, there are a lot of other things to plan. Our means of transport or where we’re going to stay are other questions which may cause a bit of a headache. 

As far as accommodation goes, the range of possibilities is very wide: hotels, aparthotels, hostels, campsites, Paradors (hotels in special heritage sites), apartments or we can even choose to do a home exchange with other people. 

That said, if there is one type of holiday accommodation which is a favourite with Spanish travellers, it’s holiday apartments. In fact, according to Tripadvisor’s IV Vacation Rental Annual Survey, 68% of Spanish holidaymakers have rented an apartment at some time in the past and 62% of travellers will choose this option for their next holiday. 

Even though holiday rentals are a widespread practice among holidaymakers and are easy to manage, it’s still a process which takes its time. Make a mistake in your choice and your holiday may turn into an unhappy memory rather than a good story to tell. To help you choose, Finques Fàbrega Goertzen has compiled this guide about what factors to take into account when renting an apartment.

What exactly do you want when choosing an apartment?

No two apartments are the same anywhere. Neither in Llançà, Costa Brava. The one which is perfect for you may not be so ideal for someone else. When you go on holiday, the apartment you stay at becomes your home for the duration of your vacation. So it’s important to rent one with all the features and comforts you’ll need to make your stay a happy one.  Things like being able to park easily, having a pool or being close to the supermarket or beach are some of the factores which may affect how your holiday turns out. This is why we always recommend that you consult with us before renting an apartment. With the experience we have, we can help you better than anyone else.


The location of the apartment is one of the essential factors to take into account when renting your accommodation. You shouldn’t just focus on the price and choose the cheapest one but look at the situation. It’s not the same renting in the centre of Llançà as close to the beach and it also depends on the beach, the surroundings…. one thing is for sure though, the experience will be worth it. If the main purpose of your trip is to go sightseeing, we would recommend an apartment in a central area, close to public transport and/or taxi ranks to make travelling easier. Remember that Llançà is one of the few towns in the Costa Brava with a train station, which may be useful for you if you decide to leave the car behind one day and go to Figures or Girona by train.


Just as important as the location is the condition of the apartment, both the communal areas as well as the apartment itself. Check from the photos that the descriptions, as far as possible, match the reality. Details such as how big the apartment is, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the total sleeping capacity or if there are other spaces like terraces, should be checked carefully before choosing an apartment. And if you have any doubts, call Finques Fàbrega and we’ll explain everything for your peace of mind. 

The same goes for the equipment and features in the home. When we go on holiday, we often stuff our cases so full that sometimes we leave things out because we assume they will have them in the apartment, for example, towels or sheets. You should always make sure first. Send an e-mail to and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Before renting, it’s very important to ensure that the apartment has everything you need so you can enjoy the comforts of home while away. If you arrive at the apartment and discover there aren’t any frying pans or that the thermos flask doesn’t work very well or there aren’t enough towels, your holiday probably won’t get off to such a good start as you had hoped. 


It’s not just the location and condition of the apartment that are important factors but also the amenities at the residential complex or block (if this is the case). These may range from pools, bars, restaurants, and padel or tennis courts to children’s playgrounds or even summer open-air cinema. In Llançà many restaurants that are open in the summer are closed the rest of the year, and the same goes for nightlife venues, pools etc…. Ask us anything you want to know.That said, if there’s one thing that many holidaymakers consider essential, it’s how easy it is to park.

If you are coming here by car, we suggest an apartment which has a parking space or in a residential area which has areas for parking vehicles. If parking isn’t guaranteed in the accommodation, then check to see if you will be able to park relatively close to the apartment or whether you’ll have to walk quite a distance. Remember also that Llançà is the only town on the Costa Brava, Mar d’Amunt, where ALL THE PUBLIC PARKING AREAS ARE FREE OF CHARGE. You will never have to pay anything to park. And that is an important point to take into account if you’re going to stay here for a week or maybe two.

Who will you be travelling with?

When choosing an apartment you should check to see if it is appropriate both for you and the other people you’re travelling with, including pets. It’s not the same going with all the family or with friends as travelling just with your partner or with the kids in tow.


When travelling with the family, adults increasingly take into account their kids’ opinion too. In fact, 90% of Spanish parents give a say to their children when choosing the holiday destination, according to a survey.

However, even though what the kids want will influence their parents’ decisions, it is the parents who need to make sure they stay in a place which has amenities and facilities suitable for them. 

If one of the conditions when you rent an apartment is that it has a pool, see if there is also one for kids. Another feature which may help you choose one apartment over the others is whether it has play areas for children such as parks with swings and slides or beaches. Also remember that if you are thinking of us in Llançà, our town has more than 20 coves and beaches which means you can visit different ones on different days or depending on the activity you want to do.It’s also important that the residential area or block of apartments you choose has a family-oriented environment. That way you won’t only minimise the possibility of having groups of noisy young people with loud music as neighbours but the bars and restaurants nearby will probably offer children’s menus and even play zones for them such as soft play areas.


If you have a dog or cat, it’s quite likely that when you go on holiday you won’t want to go without them. In fact, according to a survey, 32% of Spanish people who have a pet choose their holiday destination depending on whether they allow pets or not.

Dogs and cats aren’t allowed at many holiday homes. So, to avoid any disappointment on arrival, make sure that the owner of the apartment doesn’t mind you bringing your pet along with you. You can always call us and we’ll check for you on this matter. We’ll help you.

And, if the main attraction of your holiday is the beach, it’s very important to make sure dogs are allowed there (if that’s what your pet is). Llançà has dog-friendly beaches, an important thing to consider if you’re coming on holiday in summer.

We hope this article has helped you with any doubts but please don’t hesitate to get in touch us if you have questions and we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Because a happy client is a loyal client.

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