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About us

At Fàbrega Goertzen, we offer you a wide range of holiday homes – apartments and houses – in the Llançà area and other places in the Cap de Creus.

In addition, if you own a house or apartment in Llançà or in the Cap de Creus area, FG can offer you a personalized management service for your holiday property.

Apartments and houses for rent in Llançà

The Cap de Creus is one of the best-loved regions in the Costa Brava. The spectacular terrain gives rise to a rugged landscape unique in the world which has inspired great artists throughout history.

At FG we are passionate about this land and would love to help you explore the area. We can do this by offering you apartments and houses to rent in the Cap de Creus so you can enjoy your dream holiday in this beautiful spot.

We can manage your holiday property

We have been managing holiday properties for more than 55 years, and work continuously to make your holiday home visible and attain maximum booking levels. 

We get your holiday home ready for bookings, help you secure reservations all year round and provide all the essential elements so that guests leave satisfied and want to come back. 

Would you like to know more? 

Tourist rental

Are you thinking of buying a holiday home or flat in the area or looking for an interesting holiday rental income? We help you find the right property and manage it from day one.

More Properties

Our experience and know-how in both buying and selling as well as holiday rentals – valuable if you plan to enjoy your property during your holidays and, apart from that, get an interesting return on your investment. You will find our up-to-date offer of properties for sale at More Properties.

We manage your property?

If you already have a property in the area with characteristics suitable for holiday rental, but do not have time for management, maintenance, insurance, etc., we can help you. We are based on high standards of transparency.

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